Shinagawa ward plans to give 30,000 yen for each its residents

| Posted July 17, 2020 | Career Advice & Insight

Shinagawa ward's subsidy program

Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward announced on the 1st of June 2020, that it will provide 30,000 yen for each person and 50,000 yen per each primary student and younger in response to the impacts of COVID-19 on residents’ income and livelihood.

Shinagawa becoming one of very few municipalities that provide cash handout for all residents. Current population of the ward was about 406,000 as of May 1, so the project is expected to cost approximately 13.55 billion yen.

The program, whose tentative name is “Shinagawa Vitality Support Subsidy” 「しながわ活力応援給付金」will be proposed to the ward assembly in June as “supplementary budget proposal” of the fiscal year 2020. If the proposal is approved, the application process is expected to begin from August to September for those who have a certificate of residence.

Applications must be submitted by mail to prevent potential transmission of coronavirus. Furthermore, a contact will also be set up for residents who want to support medical and healthcare workers through donation.

Source: 日本日経新聞