We are featured by famous YouTuber



Our IT&Tech team members got featured in video by popular Youtuber Nobita from Japan, his channel is tailored for foreigner with topics focused on explaining the latest news and happenings in Japan. He has more than 400,000 subscribers and an average viewer counts of 2 millions per video.

This time the topic centered on the seriousness of Japan's IT engineers shortage and how many companies now start to rely heavily on foreign IT workers. T is a must-see for those who is considering to build their tech career in Japan. Many foreign IT engineers who already worked here talks about the required skills, experience of actually working in Japanese companies and the comparison between of working in Japan and abroad.

3 members of MIXESS team are interviewed, including our Director. They gave their views and insight that are very useful as reference. 

For those who wished to work in Japan, you can hear many useful information about the working condition straight from the people who already experienced it for real. Of course MIXESS and your career partner will also be there for you to help you get the job you want! 

Watch the full video HERE