Infra engineerl No.1 gourmet app in Japan l N3 (Job ID: 5555/5591)

Tokyo | Posted 1 month, 2 weeks | Full-Time Employee

Category: IT Engineer

Last date: Aug. 11, 2020

Salary: 4500000円 Annual ~ 7700000円 Annual
Japanese Level: Conversational(N3~N2下)
English Level: None
Programming Language: Any



・Japanese skill: can have internal communication without problems
・Experience in server operation using UNIX OS such as Linux, fault monitoring, troubleshooting



Good to have:

【Good to have skills】

・Experience and knowledge of design/operation of public cloud such as AWS/GCP
・Those with experience in designing, building and operating a virtualization platform
・Experience in designing/constructing/operating server infrastructure using container technology

【Preferred Personality】

・Those with high communication skills and cooperative skills even with people from other departments





Job Description:

【Business Content】
We provide information services such as restaurants and various business support services related to management of restaurants and others by using PCs and smartphones.

■ 1,601 non-consolidated, 1,841 consolidated (as of March 31, 2020) *Approximately 10% of foreign nationals
■Number of staffs in development departments: 200-250 *Approximately 15 (mainly China and South Korea)

【Job Content】
As an infrastructure engineer for the our website and related sites, we will entrust you with the construction and operation of a public cloud environment centered around virtual infrastructure, storage infrastructure, container infrastructure and AWS.

【Specific work content】
・Design/construction/operation of server/storage
・ Verification for server/storage design suitable for Web services
・Monitoring work for stable operation
・Infrastructure as Code approach, improvement of work in charge, infrastructure coding/automation
・Provision of hybrid cloud infrastructure, efforts to utilize private cloud and public cloud services
・Design, construction and operation of server infrastructure using container technology

【Job satisfaction】
We are working on the construction of a new infrastructure utilizing the hybrid cloud infrastructure of public cloud (AWS) and private cloud. In addition, we are doing everything from site design to operation by our own members, and we are focusing on capturing Infrastructure as Code, coding and automating infrastructure. In the jobs we are looking for this time, we will leave the work to match the experience and intention, focusing on server, network operation, design, construction, verification, improvement, etc.

Development Department, Infrastructure Engineering Service Reliability
*Many people from SIer are also active

【Work Location】
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

【Probation Period】
3 months

【Working Hours】
9:00 to 18:00 (8 hours actual work) *Approximately 30 hours overtime

Annually 4.5-7.7 M JPY
*Includes fixed overtime work equivalent to 35 hours a month
*Excess payment may be provided
Bonus and salary raise twice a year

【Treatment and Benefits】
Transportation allowance (up to 150,000 JPY per month)
Full social insurance (employment, job accident, health, pension fund)
Retirement pension system (defined contribution pension system)
Employee shareholding association
Asset savings
Childcare support system
Affiliated recreation facilities available
Health checkup (once a year)
Employee award system
Sweepstakes system
Club activity support

Weekend, national holidays, summer holidays, End of Year and New Year holidays, annual paid leave (1 day, half day, hour unit), condolence and congratulations leave (transfer, marriage, childbirth, mourning leave), welcome leave, anniversary leave, donor leave, petit sabbatical leave, maternity leave, prenatal and maternity leave, reserved leave, judge leave, childcare leave, family care leave, 123 days off annually (2016)
*Annual paid leave can be applied per hour by applying for up to 5 days of the year (from April to March).
*Anniversary vacation: One day vacation can be taken on anniversary
* Petit sabbatical leave: Three consecutive days of leave are provided for five years of service. 20,000 yen is provided as activity support money

【Interview Process】First interview (field group manager) → Final interview (development department manager)
*Web interview available *Applicants residing overseas can apply


■単体1,601名 連結1,841名(2020年3月31日現在)※うち外国籍は1割程度


サーバ、ストレージの設計・構築・運用 ・Webサービスに適した、サーバ、ストレージ設計のための検証 ・安定運用のための監視業務 ・Infrastructure as Codeの取り組み、担当業務の改善、インフラのコード化・自動 化・ハイブリッドクラウドインフラの提供、プライベートクラウド、パブリッククラウ ドサービスの活用に関する取り組み ・コンテナ技術を用いたサーバインフラの設計・構築・運用

パブリッククラウド(AWS)とプライベートクラウドのハイブリッドクラウドインフラを活用した新しいインフラの構築に取り組んでおります。 また、サイトの設計〜運用まで全てを自社メンバーで行っており、Infrastructure as Codeの取り込み、インフラのコード化・自動化に力を入れております。 今回募集している職種では、サーバ、ネットワークの運用、設計、構築、検証、改善 などを中心にご経験やご志向性に合わせて業務をお任せいたします。

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