Data scientist | logistics system development | N3 (Job ID: 5572/5592)

Tokyo | Posted 1 month, 2 weeks | Full-Time Employee

Category: IT Engineer

Last date: Aug. 11, 2020

Salary: 5000000円 Annual ~ 6000000円 Annual
Japanese Level: Conversational(N3~N2下)
English Level: None
Programming Language: Any


・Japanese N3
・Experience in system implementation using machine learning algorithm
・Over 3 years of experience in coding with Python
・Experience using C++ or Java
・Experience using Spark
・Experience using AWS/GCP/AZURE
・Experience using Container which includes Docker


Good to have:

・Experience and knowledge about logistics
・Problem solving experience using mathematical optimization
・Expertise knowledge in statistics, machine learning, and deep learning
・Experience in data analysis

・Those who want to utilize new technology to change the industry (logistics)
・Those who want to provide new value to society through logistics
・Those who have a concrete sense of challenges in the current logistics industry



Job Description:

【Business Content】
Our company provides solutions in the logistics field based on the world's most advanced technology. Members of the company have extensive experience not only in logistics and supply chain, but also in data science and marketing, with a broad knowledge and network of the newest domestic and international technologies.
With this background, we provide solutions that consist of optimal hardware and software that consider the balance between supply and demand for logistics operations that are becoming more sophisticated and complex day by day. In August 2019, we made a capital increase through a third-party allotment with the aim of expanding our business and boosting the creation of new value in the EC and logistics industries, raising a total of 1.71 billion yen.

All employees: 35 people (with some foreign nationalities from India, China, etc)
Internal language: Japanese

【Job Content】
Our company is currently developing a software for improving distribution cash flow, DyAS (Dynamic Allocation System).
We are recruiting members for data scientist team to support its development.

In this position, you will analyze a huge amount of data handled in the logistics field, find useful logic, and perform modeling to realize optimal logistics operation. We are recruiting people who want to contribute to the construction of new logic in the field of logistics.

【Main Works】
⑴ Algorithm development/survey 80%
・Using statistics and machine learning to build the next-generation logistics infrastructure
(In particular, technologies for demand forecasting, spatial statistics, network analysis, group learning)
・Participation in domestic and overseas conferences
・Investigate the latest technology circumstances
・Accumulation of information on technologies that can be expected to be commercialized

⑵ Data analysis 20%
・Following the requirement definition, conducting a large amount of data covering marketing, sales, transportation and in-house work is combined with OSS tools for data processing and analysis work.
・To understand Pro/Cons of various analysis methods to explain customer's analysis issue

【Why Us?】
・We are a unique company that consistently develops services from provision, installation, and operations of logistics solution.
We can handle sustainable solution services that can solve the problems of the logistics industry!
・We are company or team with many multinational members

【Work Location】
Koto-ku, Tokyo

【Probation Period】
3 months

【Working Hours】
Flex time system (no core time), standard working hours is 9:30-18:30, there is remote work system

5.0-6.0 M JPY based on skills and experience
45 hours of overtime work
Salary raise once a year based on evaluation

【Treatment and Benefits】
・Transportation allowance (up to 150,000 JPY)
・Full social insurance

Weekend, national holidays, Year-end and new year holidays (122 days per year)
Paid leave (5 days as special paid leave when joining the company, valid for 6 months) (10 days of paid leave after 6 months of joining the company, as required by law)
Other congratulations or condolence leave

【Interview Process】
Document selection → 1st interview (manager) → Test → 2nd interview (development members/developer) → Final interview (President, Vice President, CTO)
*ALL SKYPE interview is possible.


全社員:35 名 外国籍:複数名(インド、中国など国籍は様々)

現在同社では、物流キャッシュフロー改善ソフトウェアのDyAS(Dynamic Allocation System)の開発を行っています。


⑴アルゴリズム開発・調査 80%

⑵データ分析 20%





年俸500~600万円 ※スキル・経験による
※みなし残業:45 時間

・通勤交通費全額支給(上限 15 万円)

土曜日、日曜日、国民の休日、年末年始休暇 (年間休日 122 日程度)
有給休暇 入社時に特別有給休暇として 5 日付与(6 か月間 有効) 入社 6 か月経過後に 10 日付与(法定どおり)

書類選考 →1 次面接(室長)→ テスト →2 次面接(開発メンバー・開発責任者)→最終面接(社長、副社長、CTO)
※ALL SKYPE 面接可能です。