Backend engineer /Developing digital products/ No Japanese required(5726/5743)

Tokyo | Posted 1 week, 5 days | Full-Time Employee

Category: IT Engineer

Last date: Nov. 16, 2020

Salary: 5000000円 Annual ~ 7000000円 Annual
Japanese Level: None
English Level: Advanced
Programming Language: Any


・ Those who are fluent in English or Japanese
・ More than 3 years of development experience in Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C #, etc.
・ Over 1 year of cloud experience


Good to have:

・ Preferential treatment for those experienced in Agile and Scrum development

・ Those who are good at communication skills
・ Those who can work on problem solving energetically

* A high level of interest and passion for technology and a background in achieving many projects is a prerequisite for application.




Job Description:

【About the Company】
As a company specializing in digital product development, we are a global company that develops business at 10 bases around the world.

Business Description:
■ Experience Definition
-Business understanding
-User survey (Depth Interview, Shadowing, Ethnography, Diary Research etc.)
-Technical survey
-Creation of solution concept
-Concept acceptability survey
-Technical feasibility study
-MVP (minimum beloved composition) creation
■ Digital Product Development
-UX design (IA / User Flow / Wireframe / Usability Test etc.)
-UI design (Interaction Design, Visual Design, Style Guide etc.)
-Digital product development (native apps, web apps, etc.)
-Server design / development (if necessary, using AWS etc.)
■ Maintenance and operation

Internal languages:Japanese・English

【Job Content】
The company receives requests from a wide range of customers regardless of major clients (finance, manufacturing, services, etc.) to BtoC, and develops digital products that are particular about UI.
Work at all stages of UX definition, research, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance, always discussing with UX designers and UI designers according to the user image defined for each project, and the top of the world Providing high quality mobile applications to clients. We use the latest technology to deliver the best experience for our customers and all end users.

Specific business content:
You will be responsible for the development part of the project as an engineer while quickly learning the frontier technology and communicating the technical concept with stakeholders inside and outside the company. Stakeholders include internal development teams, project managers, sales, and sometimes external partner companies.

Company strength:
・ Design consulting farm-development can be done in one go
・ Currently, there is no place in Japan that is particular about UI and is developing a business, and it is unique.

【Work Location】
Chuo-ku, Tokyo

【Probation Period】
3 months

【Working Hours】

5.0-7.0 M JPY, based on experience
Bonus: twice a year
Salary raise: once a year

【Treatment and Benefits】
Various social insurance
Support for personal hobbies: ¥ 90,000 / year
Support for improving individual skills in specialized fields: ¥ 220,000 / year
Mobile phone charge support (public or private): ¥ 10,000 / month
Commuting fee: ¥ 15,000 / month
Free yoga class: 2 times / month
Remote work: Anytime, anywhere as long as it does not interfere with work
Friday lunch: 2 times / month. Company-supplied lunch (however, there is a 15% chance of becoming a chef)
Beer time: Every Friday from 17:00
Coffee break: Every day from 15:00
Petit Yoga: Every day from 11:00

Complete weekly two-day system (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays / paid leave (20 days for the first year), sick leave (3 days), Tokyo office founding anniversary (3/10 is holiday), anniversary leave (1 day), congratulations and condolences leave, prenatal and postnatal leave, childcare leave (regardless of being father or mother)

【Screening Process】
▼ Document screening
▼ 4 interviews + coding test
▼ Unofficial decision
*Subject to change.

■ 体験定義(Experience Definition)
 - ビジネス理解
 - ユーザー調査(Depth Interview, Shadowing, Ethnography, Diary Research etc.)
 - 技術調査
 - ソリューション・コンセプト創出
 - コンセプト受容性調査
 - 技術的実現性調査
 - MVP(最小限の愛される構成)創出
■ デジタル・プロダクト開発(Digital Product Development)
 - UX設計(IA/User Flow/Wireframe/Usability Test etc.)
 - UIデザイン(Interaction Design, Visual Design, Style Guide etc.)
 - デジタル・プロダクト開発(ネイティブアプリ、Webアプリ等)
 - サーバー設計・開発(必要に応じ。AWS等を利用)
■ 保守・運用

Internal languages:Japanese・English

プロジェクトごとに定義されたユーザー像に沿って、常にUXデザイナーやUIデザイナーと一緒にディスカッションしながら、UXの定義、調査、設計、実装、テスト、メンテナンスのすべての段階で作業し、世界中のトップクライアントに高品質のモバイルアプリケーションを提供します。 最新のテクノロジーを使用して、顧客とすべてのエンドユーザーに最高のエクスペリエンスをもたらします。

最新の技術を素早く学習し、技術的なコンセプトを社内外のステークホルダーとコミュニケーションしながら、プロジェクトにおける開発パートをエンジニアとして担っていただきます。ステークホルダーとは社内の開発チームやProject Managerや営業、時には社外のパートナー企業の方に及びます。






個人的な趣味へのサポート: ¥90,000/年
専門分野の個人スキルアップに関するサポート: ¥220,000/年
携帯料金のサポート(公私に関わらず): ¥10,000/月
通勤費: ¥15,000/月
無料ヨガクラス: 2回/月
リモート勤務: 業務に支障がなければいつでもどこでも
フライデーランチ: 2回/月。会社支給のランチ(但しシェフになる確率も15%程度あり)
ビアタイム: 毎週金曜17時〜
コーヒーブレイク: 毎日15時〜
プチヨガ: 毎日11時〜