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| Posted May 25, 2020 | Career Advice & Insight

About ALL ABOUT COVID-19 by Mixess

ALL ABOUT COVID-19 by Mixess is our latest special column in Mixess website which focuses on how Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) have impacted on people''s lives in Japan and what we need to know, from health, employment, working culture to personal activities. We understand it is a tough time for everyone, especially for foreigners living in Japan. Just like you, we have experiences of struggling with a flood of information in Japanese as an expat. Our articles will be published daily, so make sure that you don''t miss any!


1. Multilingual medical and employment consultation hotlines in Japan 2. Obvious symptoms of the coronavirus that you need to see the doctors 3. Multilingual hotline for domestic violence victims amid COVID-19


1. Employee rights as a foreigner in Japan during the coronavirus 2. Survey on foreigners in Japan 3. Job market of mid-career engineers due to COVID-19 4. How to prepare for your online job interview in Japan? 5. Employee benefits when being asked to take a leave of absence 6. 8 impacts of the COVID-19 on your career change in Japan 7. 3 tips for a successful career change in Japan amid the coronavirus 8. The road ahead Japanese workforce and working culture after covid-19


1. Plan for cash handout for all citizens 2. How to apply for 100,000 yen of handout in Japan 3. FAQ about Japan''s 100,000 yen cash handout 4. Rent allowance for people who lost income 5. FAQ: Rent allowance 6. Subsidy for parent during school closures 7. A comprehensive list of financial aid for foreign nationals in Japan amid COVID-19. 8. A comprehensive list of financial aid for small and medium sized enterprises in Japan amid COVID-19.


1. Extension of applications for residence status in Japan for foreigners 2.Information Regarding Status of Residence affected by COVID19 3. Japan to ease travel restriction in three stages 4.

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