How Japanese startups are trying to tackle social issues

| Posted Nov. 25, 2020 | Career Advice & Insight

Japan is known as one of the most advanced countries when it comes to technology, but the country is struggling in achieving sustainable growth while coping with a rapid population decline. The country is compelled to incorporate the innovations of the fourth industrial revolution such as the “Internet of Things (IoT)”, big data, artificial intelligence, robots, and the sharing economy into every industry and society.


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To tackle these social issues, the Japanese government has implemented various measures, including the removal of the minimum capitalization requirement for companies, and the establishment of the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan to provide capital and managerial support for Japanese startups. The government efforts have helped venture capital and startups to rapidly grow, and many startups are trying to tackle social issues with their innovative technologies. These technologies make lives easier and provide solutions to the social challenges we face every day.


Here are some solutions brought by Japanese startups to change our society.


1. Virtual / paperless contract management system


A Japanese startup company released a cloud-based contract management system, which allows its users to exchange agreements and contracts easily. This new platform doesn’t require any hanko (seals that Japanese use as signature), and it provides risk management solutions to business owners and companies through its novel digital contract management and digital contract signing system.


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2. Smart translator platform for hospitality industries

Although Japan has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, the country is still facing difficulties in providing the best hospitality due to its limited English-speaking human resources. A startup company in Japan created applications that provide auto-translated, remote, and real-time text and voice to-text messaging. The auto-translated chat application provides a real-time translation service for smartphones covering 104 languages, and the chat platform for hotels is a communication system with real-time translation specially developed for hotels.


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3. Big data security / web security (data encryption technology)

Data management is becoming more important, and a startup company in Japan helps its customers to securely manage and utilize their sensitive data by releasing a unique data computing system, called Data Armor, which is claimed to be the fastest, and the most advanced data protection system.

The system offers secure computing over encrypted data, allowing data to be computed and processed in an encrypted format without decryption. The encryption technologies were specially adopted for secure computing, so the risk of data leaks is close to zero.


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4. Japan’s population decline / low birthrate

The rapid population decline, and the low birth rate, has turned Japan to an aging population. About 27.3% of Japan’s 127 million population were aged 65 or higher in 2016, and the number of elderly populations will increase even more in the next few decades. Smart health care solutions are necessary for care workers, elderly, and their families, and a Japanese startup company provides those solutions through its devices, cloud-based system, and apps, which allow caregiver and families to monitor elderly’s health and quality of life by preventing unwanted accidents with its sensing technologies.


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5. Digital human resource management system

A Japanese startup released a cloud-based employee management system that manages employees’ attendance, contracts, and salaries. The system allows companies to enter an agreement with its prospective employees online, and also to proceed the tax adjustment online by submitting all the necessary data to the Government’s API. With this new digital platform, employees can easily submit a resignation notification, or change their address easily online. Employers can also create their own employees' database with the service offered by this digital platform.


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