Information Regarding Status of Residence affected by COVID19

| Posted May 21, 2020 | Immigration Matters

Visa will not be revocated when there is “Justifiable reason”


“Justifiable reason” regarding the revocation of residence status of foreign nationals who are unable to participate in activities determined by their status of residence due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. For foreign nationals who are currently residing in Japan under a legal visa type such as “technical/humanities/international services”, “skilled labour”, “student” etc., and are unable to engage in visa status-related activities for more than 3 months, their residence permit will not be revoked if they have a justifiable reason.

Approved Reasons


In this regard, according to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan, amid the coronavirus pandemic, foreign nationals are deemed to have a “justifiable reason” for not being engaged in their visa status-related activities for more than 3 months if they are in one of the following situations: ① Those who are temporarily furloughed as a consequence of the poor business performance (or the temporary closure of business as a measure to tackle the outbreak) of their employers. ② Those who, after resigning from their former employer, have been making efforts to search for a new job or have possibilities to find a new job but are unable to visit the prospective employers. ③ Those whose educational institutions they have or will enroll in are closed. ④ Those whose educational institution they have enrolled in is closed and they are unable to proceed with the necessary procedures to enroll in another educational institutions. ⑤ Those who are absent from schools due to prolonged hospitalization for treatment of a disease, including the new coronavirus. Source: Immigration Services Agency of Japan ( http://www.moj.go.jp/content/001319592.pdf )

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