Multilingual hotline for domestic violence victims amid COVID-19 in Japan

| Posted May 22, 2020 | Health & Education

Domestic violence on the rise amid stay-at-home order

Many of us are enjoying quality time with family following the stay-at-home request to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But the sad truth is that it is not safe for everyone. Since the declaration of state of emergency was announced by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the number of reported domestic violence cases nationwide has been on the rise, which is considered one of the consequences of being placed under extra family or relationship-related stress. A new free hotline, which is operated 24/7 via direct phone, email and SNS and available in many different languages (on-site interpreter services), was opened in April to provide consultations to people who are concerned where they are suffering domestic abuse.

Free multilingual hotline

Worries such as “Is what I’m experiencing domestic violence?”, “I want to run away from my spouse/partner but don’t know what to do” or “I’m worried about my children as well as myself” and so on, are welcomed to ask. The hotline service’s professional counselors will work with you to discuss various types of assaults you may be experiencing and give advice. ・Hotline number: 0120-279-889 ・Supported languages: Japanese, English, Philippines, Thai, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Nepali, Vietnamese and Indonesian. ・Domestic violence consultation is also available at DV Consultation Navi (0570-0-55210) for urgent consultation. This will lead you to the nearest spousal violence counseling and support center.

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