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Difference between "Rirekisho" & "shokumukeirekisho"


In other countries, we usually use one resume which contains all personal information and work experience. But in Japan, when we change jobs, we need to hand in two resumes. One is 履歴書(Rirekisho), and the other is 職務経歴書(shokumukerekisho) . Do you know the difference between them?

The aim

The aim of rirekisho and shokumukerekisho is different. Rirekisho contains your personal information for HR to keep after you receive an offer. Shokumukerekisho contains your work experience, PR and reason of applying for HR to review. So it’s important to make an impression in shokumukerekisho.

The content

The content of Rirekisho and shokumukerekisho is different.
名前,生年月日,現住所,連絡先(Name, Date of birth, Adress, Contact information )
学歴,職歴(Academic background, Work history)
免許,資格(License, qualification)
志望動機,趣味特技など(Reason for applying, hobbies, skills etc)★Important to write language skills.
通勤時間,扶養家族数,配偶者など(Commuting time, Dependents number, Spouse)
本人希望記入欄(Personal desire)

タイトル(職務経歴書),年月日,名前(Job title, date, name )
職務要約(Job Summary)
職務経歴(Job Experience)
活かせる経験,知識,能力(Experience, knowledge, ablility)★Important to write language skills.
志望動機(Reason for applying)

Important for shokumukerekisho

When writing shokumukerekisho, it’s important to emphasize your strong points as much as possible. The most important parts are job summary and job experience. Making your experience express your ability fully and making this section easy to read is very important. Only job titles and company names is definitely not enough, what you have done and skills you have utilized in each job should be included. Also, if you have changed jobs numerous times, it’s better to state your reasons for leaving each job as well. Remember that in most cases the shokumukerekisho shouldn’t be over 2 pages. For engineers, shokumukerekisho can be longer, but make sure not to go over 4 pages.

Important for rirekisho

As for rirekisho, always remember to add your photo to rirekisho as it will increase reliability on your resume since most regular resumes in Japan include photos. Lastly, both rirekisho and shokumukerekisho should not be handwritten. Handwriting was considered to be sincere in the past, but since nowadays most companies use computers to keep your resume, it’s better to type up both your rirekisho and shokumukerekisho on the computer.