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2018/12/12 Update

Things you should know when finding a job in Japan

Some advice for finding a job in Japan

When starting to look for a job in Japan, you’ll start to be overwhelmed with countless job information and job mails. During this period, you may keep searching, keep introducing yourself and keep taking interviews. However, Japan is a totally different country, even when you walk in street you will find differences that you must always walk on the left side of the road. Therefore, way more differences could be discovered when finding a job. In this essay, we will introduce several things you may not know when finding a job in Japan.

➀What is business level Japanese?

When searching jobs on websites, the first problem you may encounter is the Japanese level written in JD. Mostly, they are written as “basic”, “conversation”, “business”, “fluent”, “native”. What exactly do these words mean? There’s an exam named “JLPT”(Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) in Japan. The evaluation level is N1, N2, N3, N4, N5. So those words above can be transferred as basic-N4, conversation-N3, business-N2, fluent-N1, native-native speakers. Be careful not to write a different Japanese level because it will eventually be discovered during an interview. Also, spoken ability is more important than qualifications, this will be checked in the interview as well.

②Should I use job search sites or agencies?

Both can be used perfectly when finding a job. When you still don’t know what kind of jobs you want to do, you can try job search sites first. The merit for job sites is that they have plenty of positions and job information. Through searching, you will eventually find what jobs attract you most. On the other side, through searching on job sites can be time consuming when you are very sure about your future plan and have also accumulated skills on this path, it may be a good choice to use a job agency. They will save your time on searching and offer you with most suitable jobs after listening to your requirements. Check “MIXESS” conducted by JELLYFISH to find suitable jobs for foreigners. This is a site with jobs 100% for foreigners and all consultants can speak good English.

③When is the best time to find a job?

When thinking about changing a job, as most of us are already overwhelmed with current job affairs already, we may not even have time to search for it. Therefore, to set up an exact period to find jobs is a good consideration. It is said that the best timing for job transferring would be 3~6 months before you make transferring. As for cases we have dealt in our company, 2~3 months are seen as the best length, which also means the fully use of time. Starting searching can be earlier. However, if you start too early, got the offer and then you want the company to wait for you for over half a year, this is probably not realistic for most companies.

④Check reviews of companies before going to interview.

After reading what’s written in JD and homepage of the company, many of us may still don’t know the real image of working in the company. Here are some sites which might be useful for you before you make a decision.
カイシャの評判 https://en-hyouban.com/
転職会議 https://jobtalk.jp/
These are sites with reviews from employees working in the company before and currently. You can see scores they made for their companies and also different comments about their work. After checking these reviews, you will have a more clear overall image of the company and understand their company culture better. Most Japanese check carefully of these sites before they make a job transfer.
By the way, have you ever checked the score of JELLYFISH? we have got a high point of 83 right now. You can also check and write scores for your own company on those sites.
That’s all what we want to discuss today. Hope this will help you find your dream job in Japan.

date: 2018, 12, 12