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2019/06/06 Update

4 ways to be noticeable from the crowd

You are not the only one!

There is only one job opening for the position that you are applying. However, there are others who have ☑ checked all the qualification boxes like you do. In order to be irreplaceable, you must be different.
How are you going to be different and stand out in an interview? Let’s look at the tips below:

1. Arriving earlier to compose yourself before interview starts

Cool, calm and confident is how you want to present yourself to the interviewers. So, make sure you arrive a little earlier for your interview. Arriving 5 to 10 minutes earlier is great. Considering the commuting system in Japan, if you are worried about being late and would like to arrive much earlier, you can consider visiting a café nearby to have a coffee to calm yourself down.

Remember do not arrive at the company more than 10 minutes earlier because the interviewers might have something on hands. They might feel forced to put their tasks to on hold in order to meet you because it is natural that people do not want to keep others waiting. This will unintentionally create an unpleasant mood.

2. Be self-assured from the beginning

Either you are being led by the receptionist to the room with interviewers waiting for you or the interviewers came in after you, are you holding your coat, your suitcase, your phone, your resume or are always be prepared for the handshake? You don’t want to look clumsy and have a soft handshake. You know you are going to shake the interviewers’ hand and yet, many people are surprised when the time comes.

Put your items inside your bag or suitcase and make sure you always have your right hand prepared for the handshake. This is your first impression to the interviewers. If you really have too many items on hands, be firm and put down them instead of getting nervous as if you are unprepared.

3. Turn the interview into a conversation

If you want leave a good impression and stand out in your job interview among the other candidates, stop thinking about your job interview as a question and answering session that you need to get all of them answer correctly, anyway, there isn’t correct or wrong answer in a job interview.

One of the best ways if to go in an interview prepared with questions to ask. You don’t have to save all the questions until the very end to ask. Sometimes, you can end your answers with a question. Mix your questions into the conversation. This will also create an engagement between yourself and the interviewers.

4. Learn about the company and show how you will add value

Research thoroughly about the company before the interview. Don’t just read only the “about us” from the company’s homepage. Do some research. Google is your best friend. Find out how the current employees describe about the company, the atmosphere and the culture.

Most importantly, research about the position you are interviewing for. Went for the interview as if you have already started working for the company already. Don’t just recite your resume with what skills you have. Instead, demonstrate how you will add value to them with these skills that you have. Show some insightful ideas including what kind of support that you need from them to execute the plan.

In an interview, it is not the time to be humble. Take pride of what you have accomplished and what you can do for them.