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The average salary of different occupations and industries in Japan


Do you know the average salary of each occupation in Japan? How much can you earn if you work in Japan? As a foreigner, how can we choose a job with which we can support ourselves. In this article, we are going to talk about the average salary in Japan by each occupation, industry and age group. The data is based on research conducted by Doda, a japanese jobs website. The research duration was from September, 2016 to August, 2018.

The average salary

The average annual salary of 2017 was ¥4,180,000(JPY).Regardless of occupation or industry, jobs in the finance industry got on the top of the list. IT and planning took over half of the occupations on TOP 20.

The average salary by job type in Japan

In the survey conducted last year, 50 job types were listed in the original ranking, but here we will only pick up top 25 job types. In this survey, we can see the significantly strong power of IT and fiance. As for IT, IT-related jobs such as project manager, IT consultant and IT strategies・System planning take over 4, 14, 15 of the ranking, which indicates a strong need for IT human resources related to requirements definition and development planning. In the original survey, from 25~50 of the ranking, IT related jobs such as “data scientist” and “system development and operation” took up the places 29 and 50. Despite the high salary of IT jobs, there’s a shortage of IT human resources in Japan. In other surveys conducted by Doda, The Job-offers-seekers ratio of job transfers in Japan for Technology(IT/Telecom) by job type has an average of around 7 since 2014, comparing to the average of all occupations being around 2.5.

The average salary by industry in Japan

In this part, the 2016 ranking was also added. We can see from the table that top 10 industries have not changed, but the top 5 had a big change among themselves. Medical and Finance dropped from top 2 to 4 and 5, while general trading company rose from 5 to top 1 and IT/Telecom rising from 4 to 2.

The average salary by age in Japan

From the table, we can see that salary raises accompany age groups. However, salary gap between men and women increases significantly in regards to age group as well. According to the table, the salary gap between men and women was 0.46M yen in their 20s, 1.01M yen in their 30s, 1.64M yen in their 40s and 2.55M yen in their 50s.