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2020/04/24 Update

COVID-19 - Impacts on the job market of mid-career engineers in Japan

Current job opportunities for IT engineers in Japan

The spread of coronavirus has changed the way we live and work that we had never imagined before. Thousands of people in many industries were temporarily laid off, or worse, lost their jobs within a few weeks. That said, some industries are still able to maintain their business and continue to hire new employees. One of them is Information Technology industries (IT).

Findy - a recruitment agency in Tokyo, conducted a survey on the impacts of the coronavirus spread on the job market for mid-career engineers in Japan, which includes both Japanese and foreign nationals engineers.

From the perspective of employers (IT companies).

● Job market.

When being asked if the outbreak of the novel coronavirus affected the number of permanent engineers that the companies plan to hire, most of the employers said that it will remain the same while some even plan to hire more new employees than the initial plan without any change in remuneration. The IT job market during the pandemic comes with a silver lining that many companies took advantage of the time when competition for hiring workers is decreasing to accelerate the recruitment of mid-career engineers.

However, if the pandemic can not be controlled in the near future, no one can be sure that this trend will last long since many big companies have also started feeling the weight of the up-coming financial crisis which could provoke a chain reaction among industries throughout the world.

● Interview process.

Just a small number of companies conduct all interview rounds online while a majority plan to select some necessary rounds to face-to-face interview, for example, the final interview. Depending on the future conditions, employers may apply online interviews to all rounds. In order to complete everything online, an increasing number of companies are trying to communicate their corporate culture by increasing the number of casual interviews (online) with on-site members.

From the perspective of employees (IT engineers).

Despite the fact that the IT industry has more luck than others, many engineers are still in an uncertainty about their future career after the end of the outbreak. Many survey’s respondents believed that either it will be more difficult to change jobs or the annual income will drop as thousands of corporations have faced worsen financial situations or are bankrupt in the following months (or years).

However, at this moment, most of the companies that are currently hiring will not change their annual offer salary.Therefore, it is expected that there will be almost no impact on those who are currently changing jobs. It is also projected that there will be an increasing number of engineers applying to companies that managed to maintain a stable financial base amidst the outbreak when the pandemic is over.

Summary for foreign engineers in Japan.

● Engineer hiring needs to be watched closely, but hiring needs are still strong.
● Mega ventures and giants with stable financial bases will continue to hire.

Source: blog.findy.us