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2020/05/12 Update

FAQ: Rent allowance in Japan.

What is the Housing Security Benefit program and who can apply?

You can access the list of local government by scanning the QR Code on the picture. However, please not that the list is all in Japanese.

Frequent Asked Questions.

Q1. What does it mean to be at risk of losing house due to the loss of income?
A1. The term refers to a case in which the number of working days/hours or opportunity to work of the program’s applicant is substantially reduced due to reasons beyond the applicant’s control, resulting to his/her destitution.

・Example 1: A gym instructor who has been working 4-5 days a week but has
been working less than 2-3 days a week due to the partial closure of the gym.
・Example 2: A freelance interpreter who was scheduled to participate in a 2-week event with guests from abroad but had to cancel it due to social distancing.
・Example 3: A person working for two part-time jobs no longer have shifts at one job thanks to economic downturn.
・Example 4: A person who run a hospitality business has had a succession of cancellations due to travel restrictions.

Please note that the above is only an example. The local government will
give instructions on case-by-case.

Q2. Is there any document to confirm that I am at risk of losing my housing due to decreased income/employment separation or out of business within 2 years?
A2. In the case of hired workers, it is labor contract that can confirm working conditions and shift schedule provided by the employer that can confirm the reduction of the number of working days/hours.
In case of self-employment, it is documents that can confirm the decrease in business days/hours. If the self-employment person receives income from a special contract, they are expected to show documents that can confirm the cancellation or decline from the owners.
Documents than can prove the receiving of special loans provided by Social Welfare Conference can be submitted. In addition, if none of the above documents is available, applicants can ask for a petition.

Q3. Am I eligible for the program application as a freelancer?
A3. Yes, you are. For those who are freelance or self-employed, depending on your intentions and circumstances, you can apply for the program in order to maintain your current form of employment and cover immediate living expenses.

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