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Web Engineer (Job ID: 5293)

Work location
Job type
IT engineers
Employment type
Regular employee
4.0-8.0 million JPY
(Experience in any of below)
・Over 2 years of experience in web service development (regardless of it being mobile, front end, server, etc)
・Eagerness to learn new technologies
・Japanese N3

Job Detail

Language requirements: Japanese Conversational level (N3)
Career level Experienced (Non-manager)
Job description 【About the Company】
■We are providing and developing a disease management system
■We provide services for RWE (Real World Evidence), and provision and development of ePRO solution
■Others (related to healthcare business)

【Job content】
■Recruitment Background
Originating from venture capital’s investment in 2015, we are a medical start-up working on creating medical services through IT. We are developing a disease management system, where it deepens the two-way communication between doctor and patient to improve the medical care quality, by combining the frontier technology of ICT and the medical know-how.

■About Us(mission)
Our goal is to solve medical problems by using frontier technology, regardless of the medical knowledge and technical experience. To be more specific, our main missions are to develop our services, to design and implement products, and code review. Our aim is to deepen communication between patient and doctor for better medical care and medication. We will work on the project as a team which also has people from other fields such as designers.

We are recruiting engineers for user-oriented development, responding to the growing expectation for our services, strengthening development system, and creating a greater team.
Moreover, we highly value the eagerness to learn, and thus lack of medical knowledge and technical experience are not obstacles to join us.

【Development Environment】
・Language:JavaScript (ES2017)、Ruby 2.6、HTML5、Sass
・Library・Framework:Ruby on Rails 5.2、React.js 16、React Native (iOS、Android) 0.59、Redux、Flow
・OS:Linux(service’s operating environment)、macOS(local development environment)
・Cloud environment:Amazon Web Service
・Source management:Git(Bitbucket)
・Project management:JIRA

Overall: 35 employees (15 are development team)
Non-Japanese: 1 engineer (Vietnamese), and 2 other employees (Chinese)
Assignees and team structure:
・Assigned to product development branch (engineer group)
・8 people (1 leader, 7 members where 3 of them are outsourcing employees)
・There is a weekly discussion with manager (1 on 1) to support your daily works. Moreover, we are working closely with the designers and sales teams.

【Employment Type】
Full-time employee (probation period: 3 months)

【Work Location】
Chuo-ku, Tokyo

【Working Hours】
■Flextime system 
■Core time system 10:30~15:00
■Telecommuting(once a week if needed for parenting, nursing care, etc)

Annually 4.0-8.0 million JPY (based on career, divided into 12 months)
And overtime pay (on average 12 hours/month)
Salary raise once a year

【Interview Process】
1st casual interview (by engineer group’s leader) → test (by engineer group’s leader) → Final interview (by president)
※ Overseas residents are welcome (1st interview and test are possible through skype, but further discussion is needed for final interview)
※ 1st interview will be an interview with selection factors on both sides
※ Test is about technical questions and coding test. Using whiteboard is possible if PC is unavailable but please inform us beforehand.
Requirements 【Requirements】
(Experience in any of below)
・Over 2 years of experience in web service development (regardless of it being mobile, front end, server, etc)
・Eagerness to learn new technologies
・Japanese N3

【Good to Have Skills and Experience】
(Experience in any of below)
・Over 2 years of experience in development using Ruby
・Over 1 year of experience in development using React.js
・Over 6 months of experience in development using React Native
・Over 6 months of experience in infrastructure development using AWS and Terraform
・Hands-on experience in new technologies learnt in the past 2 years (programming language, framework, etc)

【Preferred Personality】
・Willingness to create social values with technologies
・Possessing deep curiosity about structure of things
・Strong desire for an innovative environment
・Can easily catch up on technological change and enjoy exploring new technologies
・Flexible attitude and not constrained by the past’s success experiences or methodology.
・Strong goal orientation

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