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Software-System Engineer (Job ID: 5358)

Work location
Job type
IT engineers
Employment type
Regular employee
Annually 3.5-8.0 M JPY
■Japanese N3 (especially on conversation skills and cultural understanding)
■Experience of development or start-up of Web application with RDBMS
■Experience of programming with Python ※regardless of length but excluding short time programming (relatively many with Python, PHP)
■Hands on experience with OS like Linux/Unix
■Source code management with Git
■Experience with CI

Job Detail

Language requirements: Japanese Conversational level (N3)
Career level Experienced (Non-manager)
Job description 【About the Company】
■Operating one of Japan’s largest hospital reputation mouth to mouth reviews and health information sites
We are supporting the promotion of Japanese health and the evolution of services in the medical industry through information distribution that shortens the distance between consumers and medical institutions,
It provides advertisement and marketing support for consumers and healthcare professionals for medical and healthcare companies.

■Development of each medical web application and website operated under QLife brand. Development of various medical websites and web applications provided to other companies in marketing solutions. ※ Both include new construction, improvement, operation, and maintenance.

■Media Business (mainly 2 things)
・For general consumers: media for searching hospitals and drugs
・For health care workers: media for relaying information to doctors and pharmacists
※ Asides from media, we also develop and operate a health management app

■Marketing Business (the main client is pharmaceutical company)
・Helping the activities and approaches for dissemination of information about various diseases to the physicians and to the world.
・Creating website and booklet for the clients
・Developing and operating LINEbot (a system and app to connect the health care workers and the general customers)

■Clinical Trial Business (still new, around 2-3 years)
・QLife is positioned to support clinical trials for those who actually have the disease.
・Attracting customers by using external media of company and group.
・From screening of applicants to guidance of facilities and implementation.

【Job Content】
【Media Business】
You will be involved in PDCA existing services, maintenance, development of new services, etc, in order to scale QLife business.
Moreover, you will also be in charge of improving the development process and promoting the modern architecture, such as using the cloud, selecting a development language and middleware, and realizing CI / CD that supports new technologies and agile development.
・Web app development with PHP+Laravel
・PDCA and maintenance of the core system made with PHP
・Migration from on premise to cloud
・Streamlining of legacy systems and changing them into microservices
・Conversion from PHP5.6 into 7.2
・Maintenance of CI/CD and promoting agile development
・Drive container-based testing and deployment
・Reduce toil by promoting automation and management screens
・Challenging new technologies

【Development Environment】
■Language: PHP(Ruby and Python are sometimes also used)
■Database: MySQL・PostgreSQL
■Infra: AWS ※Cloud migration was conducted last year and thus it is not cloud native, therefore we are aiming for the management that maximizes its benefits.
■Development Environment: MacBook Pro・Windows・Vagrant / Docker・GitHub (GitHub Flow)・Jenkins
■Internal Tools: G Suite・Slack・Backlog

Currently all engineers are Japanese
■Media Business:(Tech-Team)2 engineers, 2 directors, 1 designer
■Marketing Business:(Engineering Team)5 engineers including SRE

【Employment Type】

【Work Location】
Minato-ku, Tokyo

【Working Hours】
※Flex-time system: several adjustments are possible (e.g. morning and afternoon break)

Annually 3.5-8.0 M JPY
※ Based on experience and skills
Bonus: around 1 month portion for twice
With salary raise

【Perks and Benefits】
Health insurance, pension funds, employment insurance, work injury insurance
Transportation allowance, manager allowance, disability waiting allowance
Corporate type defined contribution pension system, periodic medical examination
Influenza vaccination full subsidy
Sanatorium (health insurance, hotel and inn with fund contract)
Sports facility (health insurance, sport facility with fund contract)
Peer bonus system, free drink
Microwave and refrigerator
Free dress code

Congratulations and condolence leave
End of year and new year holiday
Summer holiday
Paid leave
Weekends, public holidays

【Selection Process】
1: Document screening
2: Online test (coding, 3 questions in 1 hour)
3: Company explanation and 1st interview(person in charge)
4: 2nd interview (final)(officers)
※After the 2nd interview, your resume will be checked by parent company
※With your consent, there is possibility of 3rd interview (group officers) and some tasks to do
Requirements 【Requirements】
■Japanese N3 (especially on conversation skills and cultural understanding)
■Experience of development or start-up of Web application with RDBMS
■Experience of programming with Python ※regardless of length but excluding short time programming (relatively many with Python, PHP)
■Hands on experience with OS like Linux/Unix
■Source code management with Git
■Experience with CI

【Good to have skills and experience】
■Knowledge about AWS, infra, and experience in construction
■Experience with Laravel5 or more, or Rails5 or more
■Experience with Vue.js, etc
■Experience of container management with Docker
■Experience of managing projects with the scale of several people for several months
■Contribution towards OSS
■Experience in producing architecture of system static structure that can understand its external behavior
■Defining non-functional requirements (performance, scalability, security, etc)

【Preferred personality】
One should think not only about creating services, but also analyze users’ reaction and how services should be.
One who is flexible and wants to broaden their skills regardless of language.

Since the organization and service are still growing, organizational hierarchy and management task are not bloated, and thus various things can move quickly. Since there are many small services, it is easy to challenge with the new technology, and thus it is a place with many opportunities for job expansion and self-improvement.

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