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Back-end engineer (Job ID : 11543)

Work location
Job type
IT engineers
Employment type
Regular employee
Annual salary 2,520,000~3,600,000 JPY

Monthly salary 210,000 JPY - 300,000 JPY
  • NO Japanese required
・Backend development using Javascript(1-2 years of Practical Experience)
(Or 1-2 years of Practical Backend experience in DB and some frameworks)

Job Detail

Language requirements: English Business level
Career level Experienced (Non-manager)
Job description At our company, we strive to promote projects and create services utilizing a defunct school as a conduit to establish a new industry in the region.

The project currently has the following services.

1. Bridge Institute of Technology (BIT)
It is an Engineer Training School, subscribing to the notion of "Nurturing of High-level Human Resources".

We implement active learning, project-based learning, etc. and conduct thorough analysis of acquired data.

2. Development laboratory
Together with global engineers, we conduct client service requirements definition, design, development and implementation.

3. In-house service development
We have our own B2B Service for Sales and Marketing domain . Currently, we are developing RPA tools specialized for Sales Operations.

4. Rental space
We also utilize the property as rental space for events, photo shoots, coworking space as the second workplace, and training facility.

※ Ex. “Silent Meetings”(Mokumokukai), Training Camps, Hackathons, etc.

We aspire to not just build commodities, but to grow together as a team and create products that help nurture society as a whole.

【Job content】

<What products are we making?>
・ It is an RPA tool that has been developed as a company's new business service.
・ Mainly responsible for Backend Development .

<What kind of thought does the engineer work on>
・ I want to create my own service
・ I want to start my own company
・ I want to change my country (global engineer) with IT

★ There are many young, active, passionate engineers in the world!

【Target environment】
・ Do you know Hyperbolic Time Chamber, also known as the Room of Spirit and Time? It is a training room that appears in a popular manga in Japan. The way time progresses is different compared to the outside world, and one year in this room corresponds to one day in the outside world. The environment here works the same, in which you are able to learn a year’s worth in just one day, substantially powering up your skills at a shorter amount of time.

Our Development Division aims to create a place where each member thinks about their purpose in life and is able do the training necessary to achieve that goal!

【Type of work】
・ Backend Application Development

【Business description】
・ System / Service development

【Recruitment background】
• Our development division has been operating mainly based on the “lab type” and “consignment type” for about a year and a half since its launch. We are starting to develop our services as an in-house service using the knowledge and experience we have obtained so far, and are considering increasing the number of developers since then.

【Employment status】
・ Full-time employee

【Work location】
・Nishitama-gun, Tokyo

【Working hours】
・ 10:00 to 19:00 (with a break of 60 minutes, almost no overtime work)

About 2,520,000~3,600,000 JPY

Monthly salary 210,000 JPY - 300,000 JPY

・ The company pays a monthly salary.
・ The raise is twice a year (January and July)
・ Basic pay includes fixed overtime of 40 hours (full payment regardless of whether overtime is paid or additional payment if exceeded.)
・ Fixed overtime allowance is 49,245 JPY to 70,350 JPY(in the case of a monthly salary of 210,000-300,000 JPY)
・ The trial period is three months after joining the company. (The same conditions apply during the trial period)
・ Depending on recommendation, giving preferential treatment according to skill, experience and availability.

・ Raise / twice a year (January, July)
・ Various social insurance completeness (health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, work injury)
・ Transportation expenses paid
· Housing allowance payment by work place
· Laptop rental when joining a company
・ Smartphone loan
・ Thank you bonus
・ Sales incentive
・ Visa support
・ Friends introduction system
・ External seminar
・ A side job is possible

・Full holiday 2 day system (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays
・Paid holidays
・New Year holiday
・Congratulation or condolence leave
・Anniversary vacation (birthday, wedding anniversary, children's birthday)
・Thank you leave (given by years of service)

【Interview flow】
Paper screening

Primary interview (personnel / PM)

Final interview (executive)


Joining a company
Requirements 【Required】
・Backend development using Javascript(1-2 years of Practical Experience)
(Or 1-2 years of Practical Backend experience in DB and some frameworks)

・Nodejs(1-2 years of Practical Experience)
・API Development Experience
・Mongodb, Express, Anguler / React / Vue
・ Linux
・ Git
・Japanese (Daily conversation Level)
・English (Daily Conversation ~ Business Level)

※Programming langueges , and tools ,used in development are the following:
Nodejs, Express, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, AWS( SES, SNS,S3)

・ A person whose values align with our mission, and is passionate in helping us solve societal issues.

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