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Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) (Job ID : 5315)

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) (Job ID : 5315)

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JELLYFISH Recruitment Service Usage Agreement
Ver. 1: August 27, 2018

This document describes the terms of the agreement when using "MIXCESS", a service that supports changing jobs (hereinafter referred to as "the service") provided by JELLYFISH INCORPORATED. (hereinafter referred to as "the company"). Please be sure to check these terms and agree to them.

【1. Service supporting changing jobs】
Our service will introduce our members (job seekers) to companies that suits their future career goals and is in line with their job search, and introduce them to seminars, all based on their careers, skills and aptitude and the direction they want to pursue in the future. Our job introduction service is based on the Employment Security Law.
The recruitment and its scope are as follows.
(1) We strive to have our members find jobs promptly, and in matching with their goals and abilities. All of our career change support services from registration to starting at a new job are free of charge.
(2) We can support job seekers from Japan and 4 other countries (China, Taiwan, Korea, and Vietnam) in all job types. (However, we may be limited by laws and regulations for international referrals.)
(3) We cannot introduce jobs from companies where a strike is ongoing. In addition, we cannot introduce job offers with content that violates the law (Although we do not guarantee that all job offer content is legal.).
(4) We will not discriminate against race, nationality, creed, gender, social status, prestige, previous occupation, being a member of a labor union etc.

【2. Members】
1. "Members" refers to those who apply for the use of this service and who have been approved by our company, and who are effectively using this service.
2. By using this service, members are deemed to fully agree to the current terms of use of this service, including any changes that have been made, at the time when they applied for the service or when they actually started using it, whichever was earlier.

【3. User ID and password】
1. We can issue a user ID and a password to members.
2. Members shall bear all responsibility for the use and management of the issued/granted user IDs and passwords.
3. Members shall not be allowed to let third parties use their user ID/password, or allow anyone else to assign, lend, or change their name, buy or sell, use for collateral their information, etc. for whatever reason.
4. Members are responsible for all damages caused by the use of user ID and password by a third party, and all damages cause by illegal use of user ID or password by the members themselves or a third party, regardless of whether or not the member is responsible for their use or has any administrative responsibility, and our company will bear no responsibility.

【4. Regarding our privacy policy】
1. Our company's privacy policy is stipulated here: "Privacy policy (https://www.jellyfish-g.co.jp/ja/privacy/)". The company collects, uses, manages and stores personal information of members appropriately, and may provide it to third parties based on this document.
2. Members shall use this service after agreeing to the "Privacy policy" in the preceding paragraph.

【5. Providing the service】
In providing this service, the members have agreed in advance that we will contact them by the method specified by them (email, direct mail, postal mail, telephone, fax etc.). This applies also for those who have registered (or temporarily registered) only basic information such as name, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number.

【6. Our company information】
Among the information provided on our website, we do not guarantee the truthfulness, completeness, accuracy, legality, safety, usefulness, effectiveness, appropriateness, etc. of third party information such as corporate information, corporate advertisements, job offer advertisement and other information provided by a third party (hereinafter referred to as "third party information"), since they are posted and provided at the responsibility of a third party, we also assume no responsibility for any damage that may occur due to this third party information.

【7. Job verification】
We will compare the contents of the application provided by our members with the recruitment conditions of the company recruiting, but we cannot inform you of the criteria examined and the reason for the decision. In addition, after receiving the job application request from the member to the recruiting company, we may judge the degree of conformity to the recruiter on their behalf based on the requests of the recruiting company.

【8. Non-guarantee】
1. Our company does not guarantee that no errors or other problems occur on the website, no harmful elements such as viruses or other elements are on the server, or that no defects in infrastructure or the system occur while providing this service.
2. We do not guarantee that any use of this service by members will not infringe the rights of any third party at all.
3. We do not guarantee anything about the usefulness and effectiveness of using this service for members, such as successfully finding a job, career change or career advancement.
4. Members shall agree to use of this service after sufficiently understanding the contents listed in each of the preceding paragraphs, and when using this service, in order to prevent the occurrence of expenses or damages caused by the lack of these warranties, members will take necessary measures (keeping backups of materials etc., using other job seeking means etc.) beforehand at their own risk and expense.
5. We are not responsible for any damages arising from the contents listed in each of the preceding paragraphs.

【9. Stopping or terminating the service】
1. We can terminate the provision of this service without giving prior notice or without the consent of the members if any event falling under any of the following occurs:
(1) In case the member violates any matter specified in this agreement.
(2) In case one month has elapsed since we sent our notice of starting our job seeking support service, and since then there is no contact from the member.
(3) In case we do not receive a reply from the member to our messages without justifiable reasons.
(4) In case we receive repeat requests that exceed the scope of this service.
(5) In case the personal information we received from the member is insufficient.
(6) In the event that the company determines that the trust relationship between the member and the company cannot be maintained.
2. We can change the content of this service or stop it for a necessary period without requiring advance notice or consent of the member when judging that a reason falling under any of the following occurred.
(1) When there is a necessity for periodic maintenance, inspection, update, or an emergency concerning the infrastructure and system, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "the system") for providing this service.
(2) In the event that it is difficult to provide this service due to force majeure such as damage by a virus which cannot be prevented by reasonable virus countermeasures, fire, power failure, natural disaster, etc.
(3) In the event of a sudden system failure or the like.
(4) In cases where it is difficult to provide this service due to other unforeseen circumstances.

【10. Prohibited items for members】
1. Members should not do the following when applying for using this service or using this service.
(1) The act of entering false or incorrect information.
(2) Slander, intimidation, blackmail of other members or third parties, or acts that might lead to the above.
(3) Acts of infringing on any rights including copyright, trademark right and other intellectual property rights of other members or third parties.
(4) Acts of infringing the property, honor, privacy, right of likeness, etc. of other members or third parties.
(5) The act of using the information obtained through this service beyond the scope of private use of this service such as copying, selling, or publishing them or any other such act.
(6) Making information available for commercial purposes, sales activity and missionary acts using this service.
(7) Any act that hinders the operation of this service, or an act that may damage or lead to damage of our credibility or honor.
(8) Slander, intimidation, blackmail of other companies (including officers and employees of the company), or other acts that may interfere with the normal and smooth operation of our company.
(9) Any other act leading to criminal acts.
(10) The act of directly contacting the recruiting company to which they were connected through this service without the approval of our company, being selected for the job or getting hired to that company.
(11) Any act contrary to public order and morals.
(12) Any act contrary to or against any other laws and ordinances.
2. Members shall declare the following items at the time of applying for this service and any time they occur in the future. In the event of violation of these declarations, we will accept the termination of the provision of this service without question.
(1) Not being a member of antisocial forces (organized crime groups) (a gang, a gang member, a person who is no longer a gang member, but was a gang member 5 years ago or less, an associate member of a crime group, a company involved in organized crime, sokaiya (corporate racketeer), organized crime syndicates and other similar persons)
(2) It has no relationship with antisocial forces that may be socially condemned.

【11. Obligation to maintain confidentiality】
Members shall keep confidential the information belonging to the secrets of our company and our customers and other third parties that they learned through the use of this service (including business or technical information, everything for which de facto disadvantage arises for the owner of the information when the information becomes publicly known) and personal information of others. Members shall not illegally damage, destroy, announce, use, duplicate, copy, disclose, provide, leak information without prior consent of the owner of the information, regardless of whether do it they themselves or third party does it for them.

【12. Responsibilities of members】
1. Members shall take responsibility for their actions when using the service.
2. Registrant shall assume all responsibility for all the information entered when using this service and we will not bear any responsibility.
3. Members shall be able to use all information obtained while using this service only within the scope of private use such as collecting information for job change, job seeking or career improvement through this service. Information shall not be used beyond this purpose or publicly disclosed to a third party without permission.
4. Members shall take responsibility for directly confirming their working conditions and other contract contents to the recruiting company and then conclude a labor contract with the recruiting company. In addition, we acknowledge that the working conditions transmitted to our members does not ultimately guarantee the labor contract.
5.Based on the use of this service, after a members enter into an employment contract with a job offering company without a fixed term and then starts employment there, in case the Company inquires regarding the member's enrollment with the relevant recruiting company based on Article 32-16-3 of the Employment Security Act, they agree beforehand that the recruiting company will reply to the inquiry regardless of the presence or absence of enrollment at the time of inquiry.

【13. Disclaimer】
1. Members shall use this service while acknowledging that successfully finding a new job is not guaranteed by using this service, and that in the event of a dispute with the job offering company on labor conditions and other contract contents resolve in consultation with the recruiting company at their own cost and responsibility. In addition to what is stipulated in each clause of this agreement, if our member suffers damages due to the fact that they have used this service and there are reasons attributable to our responsibility, as a direct result of it, we assume responsibility only for damages within the range normally incurred in reality and we are not responsible for any other damages.
2. Members also agree in advance that if the provision of our service is delayed, difficult or impossible due to a natural disaster or other reason not attributable to the Company, the company is not responsible for any damages incurred by the member due to this.

【14. Change of this agreement】
We may change the terms of this agreement from time to time. If this agreement is changed, the revised agreement will be posted on the website and we regard members who use this service one month after the publication as if they agreed with the contents of this agreement after the change.

【15. Suspension or termination】
1. According to Articles 9 and 10, in case where we judge that there is inappropriate conduct by the member, the company can suspend or terminate the provision of the service immediately without any notice to the member and we are not responsible for any damages caused by this and we will not take any responsibility. The provisions of this section do not preclude claims for damages against the member of the Company.
2. In the cases referred to in the preceding paragraph, the company shall have no obligation to disclose the grounds or reasons for such judgment, respond to questions or any other measures.

【16. Interruption of services】
Members can stop using this service at any time according to the methods specified by our company.

【17. Penalty for damages】
1. In the event that the member has damaged the company, the officers or employees of the Company, the Company's customers, other members, recruiters or other third parties while using the service, the member shall take responsibility and pay back any expenses they incur.
2. In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, in cases where we are seeking compensation for damages from our officers and employees, our customers, other registrants, recruiters or other third parties, we will settle it at the expense and responsibility of the member and they shall indemnify us.

【18. Jurisdiction】
The company and the members agree to make the Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance regarding disputes concerning this service and these Terms.

【19. Governing law】
In interpreting these Terms, the law of Japan shall apply.

【20. Partial invalidity】
Even in the case where part of this Agreement is clearly made illegal or invalid contrary to the laws and regulations of Japan due to judicial power or definite authority interpretation by the regulatory authorities and other administrative authorities, the remaining part of this Agreement is still applicable and is valid as usual.

【21. Regarding response to complaints】
In the event of a complaint, the company's complaints handling personnel will collaborate with part-time employment placement agencies such as Hello Work and other industry groups and competent authorities, and in case of overseas affiliated projects, with employment security agencies as necessary, and we will respond promptly and appropriately.

【22. Contact】
For inquiries regarding this agreement and handling of personal information, you can contact us at the following.
141-0031 Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, Nishigotanda 2-24-4 WESTHILL 4F
Tel: 03-5347-0135
Email address: ca@jellyfish-g.co.jp
(Available on weekdays between 10:00 am - 6:00 pm *During the end-of-the-year holiday period, we will be available on the first business day following the holidays.)
*When responding to phone calls, we may record the contents of the call for the purpose of confirmation and records.