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What’s the process of introducing a job?
Register on Mixess→Apply for a job→Meet with our professional bilingual consultant→Get introduced to companies and get interviewed→ Receive an offer and join the company
How do I register on Mixess?
Please click “register” in the main menu and fill in the registration form.
How do I apply for jobs?
Click “apply” on each job and fill in the basic information to apply. Please upload your resume to the registration form if possible. The more information you provide us with, the better we will be able to find more suitable jobs for you.
Does the service charge any fee?
All service until you join a company is free.
Can I apply for jobs from outside Japan?
Yes, for some jobs that we offer it is possible to apply from overseas. It varies depending on the job. These will be tagged with “overseas applicants allowed”. Please check it carefully.
I want to apply for jobs but I can’t speak Japanese.
Some jobs we offer don’t require Japanese. These will be tagged with “NO Japanese required”. Please check carefully when applying.
Are engineers’ jobs all dispatch engineers?
Most of our jobs are regular employees for different companies. We do not specialize in recruiting dispatch engineers. There are a few dispatch engineer jobs which will be clearly stated in the job details.
My visa is expiring, Can you help me with that?
Unfortunately we do not offer Visa support service for individuals. However we will help with visa acquisition along with job application through our company.
What kind of jobs do you offer?
We have various positions including engineer, sales, marketing, consulting...in IT and Engineering industry.
I haven’t found any job I want to apply for.
We have numerous unpublished job positions. Please click “register” and upload your resume, and our consultants will contact you directly if there are any suitable positions for you.