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Hello Momo, To switch to any career in Japan (including IT) first you need to find a company that is willing to hire and sponsor your visa. Nowadays because of the COVID situations, most company are hiring foreign IT engineers who already residing in Japan, and since most of the jobs opening requires ready-to-use talents those who already have working experience at least 2-3 years are preferred. However there are some job offers accepting junior engineers. Positions for inexperienced people is rare because in order for a working visa to be issued by immigration "experience of the candidate" is one of the point that will be considered. I hope this answer helps.

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Hi Aya, thank you for your question! Skillsets needed to land a job as software engineer in Japan will vary according to each job, but in general if you have these basic skills then most of the time companies will take interest in you: ① at least 2-3 years experience in IT, utilizing at least 2 programming languages ② Japanese language skill at least conversation level so you can communicate with your team within the company ③ A proper 履歴書and 職務経歴書 that shows your experience and job details Candidates that have these 3 points plus the main requirement listed in the job mostly pass the first screening without trouble. I hope this answer helps!

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